Labor Day weekend

We spent our fourth year in a row at our beloved farmhouse, for Labor Day.  It was the 41st year in a row that Helmville hosted the rodeo.  this has become a must for us, and we try to share it with as many friends as we can convince to come down. 

The weekend starts with music at Trixie’s on Friday night.  This year our favorite, Russ and the Revelators (they played at our wedding) were there, and the quality of dancing was at an alltime high.  For a novice such as I at swing dancing, it can be daunting, but really, everyone is there for fun and the guys are not trying to hit on the women, but just want to dance.  So we all took our turns on the floor and all too soon, the night was over.

Sunday was the rodeo, and it is just old town fun.  No fancy hoopla or fanfare.  Just real cowboys and girls, real families, cold beer and hot burgers and a ton of fun.  One of these years we will make it back down to Helmville at night for the dance they have there.  But even though it is only 15 miles, to do the drive twice, the second after multiple beers, has so far proved too daunting. 

So attached are some photos, of the house and the activities.  Some day, I hope you will make your own memories.


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